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10 Tasty & Healthy Snacks For Every Type Of Snacker In Office

  • By Swati Gaikwad - Content Writer
  • •  Oct 15, 2022

It’s almost 5 p.m. You're shackled to your office chair, and your stomach starts growling. Hunger has overtaken me. Not surprising given that you ate lunch at 1 p.m. and that you have consumed every morsel while working hard.

The same old question arises...

Should you order vada pav or samosas; should you order sev puri?

Just stop there. You committed to eating well just a week ago, didn't you?

So the first step is to abstain from anything on the naughty list of immoral calories. We go into compiling a list of deli-healthy snacks you can indulge in as you wonder what is so nutritious, delectable, and easily accessible at 5 pm near your office. Better yet, keep them in your backpack and reach for them whenever hunger strikes.

A-Maize-ing Corn (bhutta)

Who on this lovely planet can resist this match made in heaven—corn and the monsoon? Get charcoal-grilled or roasted sweet corn. Try the steaming variety as well. Benefit from this nutrient-rich, low-calorie crop, maize. It benefits your digestive system and lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems (a morbid fear every office-goer lives by). Additionally, the corn's fibre will prolong your feeling of fullness. By rubbing lime and a tiny bit of salt into it, you may add a sour edge. Additionally, you can have it with mint, coriander, and green chilli chutney to make your spine tingle.

Fresh & Fruity

We are proposing something more fun here rather than merely peeling and eating fruit. Bring a fruit bowl from home. Slice up a banana, add some apples, peel and core an orange, and top with chikoo. You are free to choose any fruit. Put everything together, then seal the container.

Add a pinch of black salt, chat masala, and jeera powder for an edgy touch that will make your food taste from “hmmm… to yumm!” This platter guarantees to satisfy those inescapable hunger pains because it is loaded with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins. Add seasonal fruits like oranges, guavas, cherries, and plums if you’re a true blue “yahoo fruity” person. Try it; you won't be disappointed.

Going Nuts about you

Okay, we’re not joking. Simply said, a variety of nuts and dry fruits will do wonders for you if you're the healthy nutty sort. For your afternoon healthy snacks, combine a handful of walnuts with some apricot, raisins, and khajoor, as well as some almonds and cashews. You won't need another snack for a very long time if you try these deli-healthy snacks.

Chana and peanuts: 

As humble as it may sound, this combination is one of the most affordable and healthful ways to quell a growling stomach. For the 5 o'clock healthy snacks, adding more chana and some peanuts is a great alternative. Try to stay away from the salted kind. The preferable option is to steam the groundnuts.

Sweet potato:

Shakarkandi or sweet potatoes, roasted or barbecued over charcoal, softened to taste... Lord, it can only get yummier! It is incredibly wonderful and filling for a long time.

You’ll be delighted by some sweet potato nutrition stats. This superfood is full of fibre, iron, vitamins, and minerals. As it has no fat, it is fantastic for people who are attempting to reduce weight. Therefore, swap out your sev puri or fried aloo chaat for shakarkandi and clear the way for fun.

Boiled Black Gram/ Chickpeas/ Sprouts:

Sprouts are known for their health benefits. They also serve as energy boosters. Simply boil them, add your garnish—such as coriander and mint chutney, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of black salt—and voilà—you have a decadent teatime snack.

Idli, Upma, Poha:

This is the perfect Indian meal to keep you satiated and healthy. They provide a satisfying lunchtime snack and are filling.


This may sound dull, but this classy version of mid-afternoon healthy snacks can also be edgy and enjoyable. Try adding fruits to your vegetable salad together with lime juice, black salt, and/or chat masala. The jeera powder will give it a more robust flavour. We wish you many pleasant salad days.

Kurmura / Murmura (Puffed rice):

Instead of eating the same old bhel puri, make some excellent bhel with kurmura and watch it become the star of your evening. Bring along a tiny jar of homemade sweet and green chutney to make this a delectable noon snack. It can get monotonous to eat kurmura all by itself, so combine tomatoes, sprouts, and green chutney to create a tasty snack.

Grilled Sandwich:

Yes, since we are discussing health, grill that with reduced or no butter. Apply chutney rather than butter. Try to limit the sinful fatty contents, such as butter, cheese, etc., in your sandwich to those that promote health.

Lastly, be sure to have enough water. Even when you are in an air-conditioned space, stay hydrated. Now you know how to calm those growling stomachs with these 10 excellent options for your mid-afternoon snack.

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