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Best Rakhi Gift Ideas To Wow Your Siblings This Raksha Bandhan

  • By Swati Gaikwad - Content Writer
  • •  Aug 06, 2022

August marks the onset of the festive season in India. First in line is Raksha Bandhan, where we celebrate the custom of sisters tying a rakhi around the wrist of their brothers as a shared bond of love. Brother and sister play quite distinct roles in one another’s lives. So, everyone knows that the relationship between a brother and a sister is unlike any other. While growing up, you might have pulled each other’s legs and even made the other one cry, but there is no denying the special bond between siblings. Raksha Bandhan is that reminder of the memories gone by and ones to come. Plus, it is the perfect excuse to patch up if you two have been bickering.

On other days, we might not be very happy with our siblings. And girls, who doesn't like gifts that too from your brother! They might not share their last chocolate on regular days. But won’t miss anything to make you feel special on Raksha Bandhan. As we inch closer to the occasion this year, shopping for gifts might be on your to-do list. If there’s one Indian festival that warrants a sanctified exchange of presents, it’s Raksha Bandhan. But even the best gifters can be at a loss of ideas if the task is left for the last minute. 

So to make this day a little special, we have curated a list of some of the best rakhi gifts. We have an amazing collection of daily items, healthy food and everyone’s favourite: Chocolate. And boys, don’t fret! We got some hampers for you as well, that can be gifted by the sisters. Because why should girls have all the fun? So be it your skincare addict sister or chai lover brother, you have something for every kind. Look no further than our amazing Rakhi gift options cherry picked for you. 

  • Women love flowers. Isn’t it? They resonate with their delicate and beautiful appearance and make excellent gifts for ladies on all occasions. So, why not give a beautiful flower bouquet to your sweetest and adorable sister on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. You can complement your Rakhi with the vibrant range of flowers available such as roses, chrysanthemums, etc. to make her feel happy and loved on this blissful occasion. There is nothing that flowers can’t fix. Gift your sibling beautiful flowers with some dry fruits and other mouth-watering snacks

  • Whether a woman is a housewife or a working professional, there are always loads of tasks always on her desk. From taking care of her home to managing things outside, she has kept things organised as far as she can to take out some time from her work for her. Gifting a daily planner to your sister helps her organise her day more efficiently.

  • Ever met anyone who doesn’t love cookies? We think not! With that, your gift set is sorted. Everyone appreciates some delicious cookies, especially when there is a special occasion like Raksha Bandhan. This is because everyone loves to have something sweet and delicious on such days, and the deliciousness multiplies when a person realises that the box of cookies you bought belongs only to them. You can already think of someone who would love to have an entire cookie box to themselves and buy them their favourite thing in the world without burning a hole in your pocket. What are you still worrying about if you’ve discovered a fondness for delicious cookies in your sibling? Get hold of a pack of your sibling’s favourite cookies and shower your affection with some crunchy goodness.

  • Who said celebrations couldn’t be healthy? For your sibling who loves their snacks…at least let us make it healthy. And dry fruits are the perfect way of having a healthy celebration with a health-conscious sibling. They can enjoy them as a healthy snack, put them in their morning smoothies and breakfast bowl for that extra boost of energy.

  • With green tea already gaining a lot of importance among people due to the innumerable health benefits it provides, herbal teas are a new twist to these popular beverages. As doctors and health experts suggest including herbal drinks in your daily diet to boost immunity, gifting a basket of different flavoured herbal teas to your siblings on Raksha Bandhan is the best way to say that “YOU CARE”. Don’t forget to include variants such as ginger, lemon, elaichi, tulsi, honey, chamomile, and honey in your hamper.

  • These days the majority of our brothers love having a beard, so why not gift a set of beard care essentials to make this rakhi extra special? Or if your brother is not a beard person, gift him a good shaving set. This is gonna be useful and also a good gifting option.

  • Your sister loves makeup? Gift her a complete set of basic makeup products which may include lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, concealer, and a primer. And if your sister is one who fantasises about skincare, do gift her a set of skincare essentials which may include lotions, shower gel, hair mask, face mask, face toner, face serum, or some lip care essential!

  • What better day than Raksha Bandhan to pamper your siblings. Apart from sweets and other must-have goodies, here’s one that’ll add a little panache to your gift basket. Perfumes and deodorants have also joined our pick of favourites. Fragrances are a symbol of class and glamour. So, if you are planning to add some luxury to your sweet gesture, we suggest you add some premium fragrances. They are one timeless gift you can’t go wrong with! edobo is abuzz with several fragrances that we deem fit for your perfect gift. Depending on their taste and preference, you can buy a good fragrance for your sibling contained in a beautiful bottle for the Raksha Bandhan festival. Let them embrace this enchanting scent of your gifted perfume and be prepared for admiration.

  • Now, who does not love Ferrero Rocher chocolates? There is a reason why these little decadent nibbles are relished all over the world. The outside is a crunchy hazelnut and chocolate wafer that opens up to a luxurious silky as well as crunchy inside. Pop-worthy!

  • Does he love to spread Nutella on his toast every morning and have it for his breakfast? How did we know… Just not his toast, you can apply the hazelnuts and delicious cocoa mix on dosa, roti, idli and go yummy. It is a 100% vegetarian product and contains no preservatives. It is a good way to make sure he does not skip his breakfast!

  • Kuch meetha ho jaaye? This is not just a famous line but an emotion for Indian households. Add in an assorted box of crowd-favourite besan ladoos or an ice-cream rasmalai, if you’re feeling eccentric so that the entire household can indulge to their heart’s content.

  • Saving the best for the last! Cadbury has defined the Rakhi hampers with its Cadbury Celebrations packages. Reminisce the old days by sharing the classic chocolates by Cadbury. 

And the last but the most important is your sacred Rakhi. One little item without which your gift basket will always be incomplete. This simple thread of grand importance is what this festival is all about. So, make sure you pick a Rakhi before you gift-wrap your basket of wonders.

Love-Hate bond is the beauty of a sibling’s relationship and their never-ending affection, and Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to recognize such pure bonding. Gifts are vital if you want to show your sentiments to someone. Choose online Rakhi gifts via edobo, and wish your beloved sibling a hearty Raksha Bandhan with all your generous love and concern. With the best Rakhi gift, Raksha Bandhan is the perfect chance to pour your heart out to your sibling and share feelings you haven’t expressed yet. 

You only need to choose your sibling’s favourite product and place an order for them to surprise them on this beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan. This Raksha Bandhan set aside those monotonous gifts like clothes or jewellery for your partner in crime and make them feel special with the above mentioned gifts! 

Wish you Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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