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Gift-Buying Guide To Wow Your Dad This Father’s Day

  • By Swati Gaikwad- Content Writer
  • •  Jun 11, 2022

Fathers are the steadfast mentors in our life, motivated to see us achieve. They might be indulgent, strict, or both, but they are always unconditionally loving. He is selfless at all times, prioritising your happiness and comfort. It’s not easy being a father. What better day to express your love and affection for your father than Father’s Day? What would you give your father as a gift that shows your love for him while also touching a personal nerve in his life? Is it just me, or do fathers have a reputation for being tough to buy gifts for? Every June, I try to think of a gift for my father.

Just as fathers play an important role in our lives, we should go above and beyond to make Father’s Day extra special for our fathers. Here are a few suggestions for treating your hero in the best way possible.

Everyday coffee in bed:

Still following a WFH routine? Your father will appreciate the opportunity to make a quality brew at home. When most fathers wake up, the first thing they do is go to the kitchen for a caffeine fix. This Father’s Day, save your father some time and effort by giving him instant coffee powder. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a perfectly chilled latte?

Grooming Made Easier:

Men may not be as sensitive to their skin as women, but it does not mean they should ignore it. So why not buy some skin care items for your father? It’s time for Dad to retire the bar of soap in favour of more appropriate items. Is your father’s bathroom shelf bare? Refresh his routine with a selection of grooming products created specifically for male skin from our grooming collection.

Facial cleaner, face scrub, sunscreen, astringent, and shaving cream are all excellent choices. A simple regimen of high-quality products will work together to protect and repair your father’s face while also enhancing his charm. Sheet masks may be a more gentle introduction to skincare for dads who need some pampering but are apprehensive of moisturisers and serums. Giving your father such gifts will serve as a reminder to him that he, too, must take care of his skin, just as you do.


Chocolates will always go down well with a sweet-toothed father, and if you’re lucky, he might share them with you. If you’re shopping for a chocoholic, don’t overlook our Ferrero Rocher hamper, which is jam-packed with delectable treats. Create your own basket by choosing from a variety of sweets and ice creams, or adding a craft beer, speciality wine, and grooming supplies.

For the home chef:

If you have a meat muncher in the house, you may keep the party going by preparing a steak dinner for him. Just in time for grilling season, dads can get high-quality meat delivered right to their house. It’s one of the best gift ideas for dads who prefer healthy foods and home-cooked meals.

Our instant noodles, which have authentic flavours like masala, chicken, and more, will definitely satisfy dads who enjoy cooking and eating. These instant noodles are also fantastic gifts for dads who aren’t the best cooks because the flavours do a lot of the work for them. However, for people who enjoy cooking for their family, the ready-to-cook assortment of nuggets, french fries, falooda, and other foods would make excellent gifts.

Last but not least, some thoughtful Father’s Day gifts for your dad could be affectionate gestures. Serving him breakfast in bed, hugging him tightly, and having a light chuckle with him are all things I do for him. This is because intangible, love-filled presents are the most useful.

We hope that finding something special for your father is now a little easier for you. Make the most of this present. Remember that our fathers went to great lengths to ensure that we had the best childhood possible, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to show him how much you care on Father’s Day. Finally, whatever gift you buy for your father on Father’s Day, remember to praise him for his tireless efforts on your behalf. Every time our fathers set an example for us on how to conduct ourselves with integrity, they are moulding us into better people. As a result, fathers ought to be honoured.

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