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Match-time Munchies: Make your game night more fun with these snacks

  • By Swati Gaikwad - Content Writer
  • •  Sep 02, 2022

For many, a cricket match is a game but for us, it’s much more than that. It’s about food, about getting together, together inching closer to an overall experience. Be it the test matches or one-day matches or T20s, the cricket fever has infected one and all and is only going to spread! This means most of us would sit through the entire match, perhaps, with a big bowl of munchies - be it in the stadium or front of our TV screens.

Every cricket match can be a wonderful moment bringing friends and family together to watch the tussles, eat and celebrate, feed off each other’s excitement, and when victory arrives scream in unison pumping in adrenaline like no single-seater can contain.

This match season, who are you cheering for? What’s making a louder noise? Your grumbling tummy or you in all the excitedness towards your favourite team? Are you checking up on the live updates on work breaks? Or turning your space into an evening match pad? Whistling and cheering or a running commentary, what’s your style?  Don’t forget, whichever way you decide to cheer for your favourite players and team, you and your match buddies need to be fuelled to the T. And edobo is set to cater to your match-time munchies. 

While you sit glued to your television screen in a desperate attempt to not miss a single moment, we want to make sure that you still get your hands on some drool-worthy snacks and beverages. Matchdays are no-cook days in our book. And we wouldn’t want you missing a crucial hat-trick while in the kitchen or on the phone with the guy who owes you a pizza. So while you stress over a run-chase or a nail-biting super-over, let us make it so that food is the least of your worries. 

Our match-time munchies have got the much-needed flavour boost and wholesomeness packed for any given day. Especially match day! So, load up with something light to nibble on, or if you are turning the match hours into a full-meal time, we’ve got you sorted! If a nail-biting match with your favourite player or team is turning into one that needs to be celebrated, we’ve got desserts to bring in the celebration with sweet indulgences.

From crispy French fries to potato bites, from spicy peanuts chat to a saucy bowl of pasta, our top match-time munchies include all the lip-smacking snacks which will oomph up your match-night fun instantly. Good luck to your favourite team!

Matchday Munching
Whether your taste is desi or high-fi, we’ve got something on our list for you. Pick murukkus and sev or nachos and chips, the choice is yours. The Haldiram’s range of Indian flavours and desi snacks covers everything from Namkeen Mixture to Sweet Chivda, Banana Chips to Murruku. For the exotic bunch, there are sweet chilli nachos, Pizza flavoured chips, and much more.

Like your favourite team, our snack range is diverse. Spice things up with Aloo Bhujia while watching the red hot batting lineup of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Or try the well-balanced Sev Murmura while cheering the well-managed bowling attack of Sunrisers Hyderabad. With these snacks lineup, you can now knock your cravings out of the park.

Quick Bites Are a Catch
Quick, easy bites are your style for match time get-togethers? We’ve got a list of McCain’s items to give you company. The all-time favourite McCain Fries, Nuggets, Chicken pops, and more for the light bites, glued to the cricket match screen moments. McCain's fingers are the perfect finger food to chug down beers while watching the match.

Indian DIY Meal Kits
While snacks are ideal for big game evenings, late-night matches need something more wholesome and fulfilling. But then again, cooking the main course takes a lotta time and effort, and we know you can’t afford that on match night. So to tackle your hunger, try our Ready-to-Cook kits that take only 15 minutes to prepare. Just round up the ingredients and chef up a delicious meal in minutes. Get your favourite Chinese Spring Rolls or wholesome Chicken Sausages for a spectacular game-night meal. And if you’re looking for something even quicker yet delicious, go for homestyle Momos that come loaded with fresh greens or overloaded with chicken.

Make the following delectable match-time munchies for your viewing party and you’re sure to knock it out of the stadium)!

Cheesy Baked Broccoli
Looking for a healthier munchie to keep up the World Cup enthusiasm on? Try this one-pot snack recipe that is super quick to make plus it’s baked! And, who said cheese is not healthy?

Crispy Onion Rings
Deep-fried, perfectly golden and super quick to make, these onion rings are undoubtedly one of the best-fried snacks to binge on while cheering for India this cricket Season.

Healthy & Tasty All-rounder
What if we tell you that one snack can cover health and taste both? Wouldn’t that be an ideal all-rounder performance? What’s better than having the healthier versions of your favourite snacks? Avocado-filled toast pieces (quarter the toast, whole wheat bread). Mash ripe avocados, and season with lemon, chillies, onions and tomatoes. Quarter whole wheat bread pieces - rub a little olive oil over and toast for a minute or so. Now, load the mashed avocados and serve.

Ghee-roasted makhana is a wonderful alternative to the fried snacks we love and munch on endlessly. Black chana sundal - boil black chana and season with a little oil, chat masala, onions, and chillies. Kala namak will also work wonders! Serve these around and watch the protein fill your tummies. Wheat crackers with quartered pieces of cheese topped with a fresh cherry (optional of course), pleasing not just to the eye but the palette too.

Masala Khakhras - load whole wheat khakhras with finely cut onions, chillies, tomatoes and some roasted and lightly crushed peanuts. And not to miss out on our favourite chat! Sukha bhel topped with onions, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots, can add in a little of the date and tikha chutney for effect. Don’t forget to top up with a lemon! So let’s make match-time bingeing guilt-free. 

Refresher: Coconut Water
Cricket matches are known for a handful of dynamic duos; be it the lethal onslaught of AB de Villiers & Virat Kohli or the in-game chemistry of MSD and Suresh Raina; one player is incomplete without the other. Similarly, your match-time munchies are incomplete without a nice refreshing cooler. What can be better than a glass of Coconut water? It’s a brilliant thirst quencher that fills you up with electrolytes, making sure your cheer never loses thunder, even under the sun. This holds especially true during afternoon matches when the sun beats down on your Saturday and Sunday fun. So cool off with a coconut cooler.

Water is a great filler! Just add lemon, mint and some salt to your water. And voila! You have a drink that even quenches your appetite.

Celebrating Sweet Endings
Nothing marks a win better than desserts, don’t you think? We are with you on that! Get clean bowled on edobo’s Dessert Menu and choose from the season’s favourite Oreo & Cream or Choco Doodle Doo you cannot resist, or the chocolate cookies or cheese-filled crackers to make it a quick sweet bite. 

A cricket match is a nationwide celebration, and no celebration is complete without food and drinks. So whether your team wins or loses, let’s make the most of the season. As you gear up for the season of cricket matches, we are ready to add more yummilicious food fuel to your excitement. Watch your favourite teams battle it out on the field as you watch the matches live and enjoy items off our menu. Enjoy the cricket season and the feeling of togetherness with healthy snacks. Miss, not a chance to create memories yet again - for when the years pass and you look back, each one of these memories will serve smiles and a heart full of happiness. Order in from the edobo website or app and cheer on! Happy Watching!

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