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Celebrate Janmashtami with 13 Delicious and Nutritious Recipes

  • By Swati Gaikwad - Content Writer
  • •  Aug 31, 2023


Janmashtami is a joyous occasion celebrated across India to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This grand festival holds cultural significance, and each region has its unique way of celebrating. In this blog, we'll explore 13 delicious recipes that are both traditional offerings to Lord Krishna and nutritious for fasting on Janmashtami.


Shrikhand, a traditional Maharashtrian dessert, is a delightful treat made from thick and creamy hung curd, powdered sugar, saffron, elaichi (cardamom), and a touch of milk. This no-cook dessert is perfect to please your taste buds.


Dhaniya Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri is a flavorful preparation made by roasting coarsely ground coriander powder in ghee and then mixing it with powdered sugar, chopped almonds, cashews, raisins, and desiccated coconut. A delightful blend of textures and flavors.

dhaniya panjiri


Piyush is a creamy and refreshing drink that combines shrikhand, unsalted buttermilk, sugar, cardamom powder, and nutmeg powder. It's chilled, and garnished with pistachios and saffron, making it a perfect thirst-quencher on Janmashtami.


Mishri Makhan

Mishri Makhan is a favorite of Lord Krishna. It involves whipping cream until butter separates, and then mixing the resulting buttermilk with mishri (rock candy). A simple yet divine preparation.

mishri makhan

Makhane ki Kheer

Makhane ki Kheer is a rich and flavorful dessert made with roasted makhana, milk, dry fruits, saffron, and cardamom. This dish is a part of the midnight 'Chaapan Bhog' celebration and is loved for its creamy texture.

makhane ki kheer

Nuts and Khoya Ladoo

These creamy and nutty ladoos are a breeze to make. A mixture of crumbled mawa (khoya), paneer, powdered sugar, and cardamom powder is shaped into balls and rolled in crushed mixed nuts. Chill them for firmness.

nuts and khoya ladoo

Dry Fruits Ladoo

For a healthier option, try Dry Fruits Ladoo made with dates, figs, almonds, raisins, and desiccated coconut. These energy balls are packed with nutrients and require no added sugar or jaggery.

Dry fruits ladoo

Milk and Honey

A symbol of purity, the combination of milk and honey is offered to Lord Krishna and shared among devotees as a sacred drink.

milk with honey


Gopalkala, known as the 'food of the poor,' is a simple dish made with beaten rice, cucumber, coconut, curd, ghee, sugar, and roasted cumin seeds. These ingredients are mixed and shaped into laddoos, offered to Lord Krishna during midnight rituals.


Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a light and carbohydrate-rich dish made with soaked sabudana, green chili, peanuts, sendha namak, and ghee. It provides instant energy after a day of fasting.

sabudana khichdi

Makhana Namkeen

Makhana Namkeen is a healthy snack made by roasting fox nuts (phool makhana) with cashews, almonds, and coconut slices. Seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar, and amchur powder, it's a delightful munch.

makhana namkeen

Shakarkandi Chaat

Shakarkandi Chaat features cubed sweet potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, red chili powder, and lemon juice. It's a tangy and spicy treat.

shakarkandi chaat

Sama Pulao

Sama Pulao combines barnyard millet with whole spices and coriander, making it a wholesome, gluten-free option for fasting. Serve it plain or with vrat ki kadhi or plain curd.

Sama pulao


This Janmashtami, celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna with these mouthwatering recipes that not only pay homage to the deity but also provide nourishment and satisfaction during fasting. Shop for the ingredients at edobo and enjoy a tasty and nutritious Janmashtami feast. Happy Janmashtami! Happy Cooking!

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